Ilona Podolyan

Certified Translation and Interpreting Services

I offer high-quality, well-timed, and certified translation and interpreting from English / Russian / Ukrainian / Czech into English / Russian / Ukrainian / Czech. I am available either personally in Prague or by email communication.

As a certified (sworn) translator and interpreter from Ukrainian to English and vice versa I have a practically exclusive status in the Czech Republic.

You can request translation of a written text in various professional fields (law, business, medicine etc.) and for various working purposes (preparing a document, writing an academic paper, writing a company’s advertisement etc.) If you need my help in oral communication, I can render you consecutive or simultaneous interpreting.

All my services are backed up by my long-time experience of translating and interpreting for public and law enforcement authorities, as well as for private customers in the Czech Republic.

The price and term of each order is negotiable.

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