Ilona Podolyan

Language Teaching

Regular Courses

English, Russian and Ukrainian-language courses are offered to both individuals and groups at any level of your knowledge and at any learning pace in Prague. Your course is sure to be tailored- made, that is adjusted to your language skills and needs. Your long-term and immediate goals of learning will orient and, if there is a need, re-orient the course on the way.

Generally, the main emphasis of teaching is laid on communicative practice. In addition, special attention is devoted to students’ professional needs, in particular to mastering Business English and Law English. You will also be helped to improve your writing by means of textbook and online exercises, as well as through our email correspondence.

The time, location and price of your English/Russian/Ukrainian course are negotiable.

Skype Courses

Like regular ones, Skype courses are also customised to students’ individual needs. Such lessons are run in the form of on-line conversations between the teacher and the student, during which all language skills are trained practically the same way as in traditional, i.e. off-line environment.

The teacher provides the student with all necessary learning materials, either scanned and sent by email or stored directly in the web. During a Skype-lesson, which normally has both audio and video contact, the student and the teacher go through the student’s homework and do class activities, ranging from topic discussions to simulated business meetings. Unclear and additional points can be discussed between the teacher and the student by email. Students have also a chance to send their written exercises and essays by email for correction.

The time and price of your English/Russian/Ukrainian Skype course are negotiable. I am teaching from my home office in Prague.

Preparation for International Exams

If you are interested in testing your language knowledge and skills at international exams in English or Russian, you will be offered a customised course at your level in Prague. I am qualified for and have long-time experience in training my students for Cambridge exams and Pearson language tests. However, your preparation for any other international language exam, including professional and business-oriented ones, is ensured efficient teaching too.

The time, location and price of your English/Russian course are negotiable.

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