Ilona Podolyan

Certified Translation and Interpreting

Translation and interpreting from English, Russian, Ukrainian or Czech into English, Russian, Ukrainian or Czech.

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Language Teaching

Regular language courses in Prague for both individuals and groups at any level of your knowledge and at any learning pace. English, Russian and Ukrainian.

Skype lessons are run in the form of on-line conversations between the teacher and the student. All language skills are trained practically the same way as in off-line environment.

Preparation for exams in English or Russian. You will be offered a customised course at your level.

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Prague Audio Guide

Your indispensable companion in the streets of Prague's Old Town. An application for Android™ smartphones.


Linguistic Research

Dissertation defended in 2001 summarizes the results of my post-graduate linguistic research on the topic of Ethnospecific Semantics of Ukrainian, English and German Plant Names.

Publications appeared in linguistic periodicals of Ukraine, Sweden, Germany, and the Czech Republic from 1995 to 2012.

Current research into communication patterns of the Czech and Ukrainian languages.

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Personal Info

Credentials that I earned in English and Ukrainian linguistics and literary studies as well as my teaching experience and methods.

My interests span over cultural sights and history of Ukraine and the Czech Republic, folk and classical music, cycling.

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